Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Vegemite Experiment: findings from Just Keepin' It Real, Folks!

Good morrow, good fellows!  Today we have the second instalment of results from The Vegemite Experiment!

Those of you who frequent my blog will remember that we got the first lot of results from NellieVaughn over at Buttons Are Not Currency a couple of days ago.  Now we've got some new data to crunch through!

The ever so delightful Just Keepin' It Real, Folks! is our second guinea pig, and like the little trooper that she is she's put her life on the line to bring us all a fair and unbiased judgement of the appeal of Vegemite.

And it turns out her fair and unbiased judgement is that Vegemite makes a better wall putty, face mask and pot hole filler than it does a sandwich spread.  Yeah, I could see that ... well except for the face mask bit.  I've never known an Aussie to use it in that particular way before.  We're definitely not ready for that jelly.

Like most of us would, after deciding that it tasted awful she judged the best course of action was to inflict it on her poor unsuspecting family members.  Good girl!  That's the sort of initiative and dedication to the cause we like to see!  None of them seemed to find it any more appealing though, so I guess we can say that in answer to the question "Can some not raised on Vegemite like it", the answer from Just Keepin' It Real, Folks! is a definitive HELL NO!

And now, here's another old Vegemite commercial.  No real reason, I just think they're neat!

So, thank you for your input, Just Keepin' It Real, Folks!  I think we all found this to be extremely informative!  Coming soon, the final results from Sporkgasm!


  1. This cracked me up. I am going to send you my results by Friday. But I'm also going to hold on to the tube because I am bound and determined some time next month to make something that actually tastes awesome, with Vegemite.

  2. I love reading your blog. In part because of the content, and in part because I can wake up on a Monday morning and see what you posted on Tuesday. It's AWESOME! I'm totally looking into the future. And don't go spoiling it for me by explaining the international date line because it would ruin the MAGIC. I feel like that guy from that TV show where he got the newspaper a day early. Which, on second thought, is a horrible idea since the paper tells you the news from the PREVIOUS day. So, he could either read the newspaper the cat delivered him, or, you know, turn on the TV and see the EXACT SAME SHIT as it happened.

    Hmmmm... I lost my train of thought. Seriously that was one convoluted tangent I went on there. I THINK the point of my comment had something to do with Men At Work and how they exposed America to the product of Vegemite for the first time, but I totally forgot what I was GOING to say.

    Well... that's embarrassing. Take it easy on me. It's Monday. Here, anyway.

  3. Hey, she might be on to something with that face mask idea . . . Maybe you Aussies could smear Vegemite on various body parts and use it as an aphrodisiac in foreplay. Now THERE'S a million dollar idea, baby!

  4. I read up on Vegemite as a face mask, and apparently, it works wonders. If I could steal the tube back from my brother, I am going to try it. Just because it would give me a stomach ache, doesn't mean gluten will give me a face ache.