Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Vegemite Experiment: findings from Sporkgasm...

Okay kids, we've finally reached the end of our little experiement!  After receiving mixed results from NellieVaughn, and an unequivocal no from Just Keepin' It Real, Folks!, the utterly adorable Sporkgasm has provided us with her findings.

Sporkgasm chose to record her findings via video, so that means we're lucky enough to get to watch as she experiences her first ever taste of the Black Peril!  Poor thing, she looked quite daunted as she spread the Vegemite on her carefully prepared piece of toast, but like the trooper that she is she forged ahead and took a generous bite.

 Her conclusion?  It tasted like salt.  With extra salt.  And not in a good way. 

Yeah, that's probably true enough.  I'm fairly sure that about 75% of all heart disease in Australia is caused by Vegemite, it's that heavy on the sodium.  I think it's one of those "if it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger" things.

Sporkgasm plans to use the rest of her tube to make a dessert she saw on one of those cooking reality shows, so I wish her the best of luck!  I'm not sure how Vegemite fits into a sweet dish, but I'll be waiting eagerly to see if they're more palatable to American taste buds.

I think what I've gotten from this whole process is that I'm glad I was born and raised in Australia.  The thought of not liking Vegemite!  Of not having it for breakfast every day!  Horrifying!

There's no vintage Vegemite commercial today, I'm afraid!  Instead, I have a response that was crafted by Youtube's Communitychannel to an American vlogger who had besmirched Australia's good name due to our love of Vegemite, boomerangs and, strangely enough, apparent lack of a national anthem.  I think Communitychannel's reply said everything that all us Australians would have if given the chance.  Not to mention, she's freaking hilarious!

So it looks like a consensus has been reached.  I'm going to have to say, based on the results of our three intrepid guinea pigs, that it is highly unlikely someone not raised eating Vegemite will enjoy it if they're given some to try. I think most of us were expecting those results, but it's nice to have the data to back it up.  Makes it all legit.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank our three brave scientists!  Your sacrifices for our amusement were greatly appreciated!


  1. That video you posted is hilarious! When she is spinning around with the Vegemite = classic!

    I think that every country has a food it adores because it was raised with it, that other people think is insane. I would die without burgers and I'm quite sure that some countries have no idea why ground meat on a bun with condiments means so much to me.

  2. Not even the awesome Austrailian accent would motivate me to try Vegemite.

  3. Our family had a blast with the Vegemite experiment, and we still have that lovely yellow tube in our cabinet and feed it to unruly children who stop by for visits. You would be amazed how quickly they want to go home after a bite of that deliciousness!!! It is a win/win!!!!!

  4. One more world wonder solved! Good Job Kellie!

  5. Ah..great cap on the vegemite caper. Wish I had some, wish I had some, wish I had some...

  6. Kudos to Sporkgasm for not spitting it out. That took raw courage, man.

  7. All three testers did a great job! I loved that video, so clever :)

  8. I am a little offended, but more for us ;)

  9. The thumbs up pounding against the shower door. Hahahaa! That video was great.