Friday, August 31, 2012

Library related request...

So ... how would you all like to do a random act of kindness and go down in library history as awesome human beings?

As some of you know, I'm sure, I work in the library industry.  I'm not a librarian (I have the glasses, but without the bun and the cardigan they wouldn't let me), but I am pretty passionate about what we do here.  We work incredibly hard to provide decent access to materials for everyone, each of us doing our humble bit to make this well oiled machine of library networks function.

One area that we all consider particularly important is Indigenous libraries.  They're a wonderful way of bringing our collections to the Indigenous communities, and the people who run them are just awesomesauce!  They work so hard to make their libraries as open and user friendly as possible.

So, back to the favour.  There's a competition going on at the moment where the Indigenous library that gets the most comments on their blog entry wins a bookshop voucher to help build their collection.  If you could, it'd be great if you could go over here and comment on Latoya's entry for the Aurukun IKC

Thank you all so much, you've no idea what a difference things like this can make to a small place like the Aurukun IKC.  It's an incredibly difficult job, running one of those places, so any little thing we can do to help is always appreciated.


  1. Consider it done! Have you ever thought of getting a clip on bun, and I could always lend you a cardi!!

    1. Hmm, I hadn't considered a clip on. I should look into that ... although if I started messing around with the books, who'd do the finances!

  2. Replies
    1. Aww, thanks Lily, you're blood's worth bottling.

      You know, I've never thought about it before but that's a rather gruesome sort of compliment, isn't it.

  3. That was easy enough. Glad to be of help!

  4. what a great thing when someone takes the initiative to do something wonderful for the community - it was my pleasure to do this very small thing for them.

  5. Aw... this made me nostalgic (I travelled 3 months in Australia 3 years ago) - and she's got a great little library.