Sunday, August 12, 2012

Office shenanigans...

From the depths of Officelandia.

Me:  Achoo!! 
Cubiclemate 1:  Bless you. 
Me:  Thanks. 
*Cubiclemate 2 begins laughing into his hand* 
Me:  Really? 
*Cubiclemate 2 continues to laugh, stuffing his fist in his mouth* 
Me:  Seriously!  We're going to do this! 
Cubiclemate 1:  What's with him? 
Me:  Ignore him he's just being juvenile. 
Cubicle Farmer 2:  She sneezed!  *giggles* 
Cubiclemate 1:  Uhhh ... yeah.  And? 
Me:  You really don't want to know. 
*Cubiclemate 2 almost falls off his chair from laughing so hard* 
Cubiclemate 1:  What on earth is wrong with him?  Is he going into hysterics or something? 
Me:  No, he's just remembering something I told him once.  Something I'm seriously regretting having ever brought up. 
*Cubiclemate 2 bangs fist on his desk, gasping for air* 
Me:  Would you cut it out!  It' an urban legend!  A sneeze is NOT one seventh of an orgasm
*An awkward silence spreads around the office* 
Me:  *shrinking down into my chair, glaring at Cubiclemate 2*  I hate you! 
Cubiclemate 1:  Jeez, what's he going to be like the day you sneeze seven times in a row! 
*Cubiclemate 2 bursts into laughter again* 
Me:  Would you please stop encouraging him!


  1. Oh, but wouldn't the office be boring without silly boys???

    1. Yep, and I suppose it's my own fault for telling him.

  2. So I guess its coincidence that I find my self with 1/7th of a bogger after an a special moment?

  3. Ahhh the joys of sharing the majority of your days with people you would never voluntarily associate with. At least they're amusing. Sure, it's at your expense but still...

  4. Some people will always be 12 years old. I still love office humor though. Oh, and Gezundheit!

    1. I think it's a boy thing. And given that the "boy" in question is in his sixties...

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I love office humor. It's the only way I get thru the day.



  6. I think we all regret telling certain people certain things. Once I had to shout out at a work function "It was seven years ago... LET IT GO!!!". He eventually did after that.