Thursday, January 30, 2014

Facebook is about to get a lot more X-rated, I'd wager...

As a species, we're kind of obsessed with sex.  Nothing inspires, motivates and thrills us more than coming up with new and sometimes bizarre ways to do the horizontal cha-cha.

And honestly, I don't have a problem with that.  I love seeing just how creative people can get in the pursuit of the perfect O.  How else would we have ended up with such gems as the X Rated Ring Toss, the I Rub My Ducky Massager, and the oh so irreverent Jesus Butt Plug (links are NSFW, by the way).

But I have to admit I'm I'm not sure if I'm completely onboard when it comes to the new app they're creating for the Google Glass [link], It's a handy dandy little program that sends a video stream from your glasses to your partner's, giving them the unique experience of being able to watch themselves have sex.

Now I like a new sex fad as much as the next person, but does anyone else think this is a bad idea?  Just think about it.  Think about all the weird faces you pull in normal every day photos, ones taken in public.  Do you REALLY want to see the faces you make when you're mid coitus?

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss, my friends.

But the thing that would worry me the most, I think, is the fact that you're streaming video from your glasses to theirs, and vice versa.  What happens if you press the wrong button and accidentally upload your video stream to Youtube?  Because I'm pretty sure it would violate their user policy, not to mention being incredibly difficult to explain to Grandma.  

Or even worse, what if you accidentally started a livestream!  Performance anxiety is bad enough without having Bronyboy1986 commenting on your style, position and flexibility in the chat box.

The internet is already such an easy place to fuck up in.  No matter how many times I hear of people accidentally trying to "google search" for something embarrassing in the Facebook status update box, it never fails to amuse me.  How long do you think it'll take before people start accidentally posting their rumpty pumpty video recordings to their walls?

On second thought, this is going to be hilarious!  I can't wait!


  1. Oh, it's a disaster waiting to happen alright. But can't talk now . . . gotta go order a Rub My Ducky!

  2. Rub My Ducky? Where were you when I needed gift ideas for Christmas?

  3. Just something else for the NSA to spy on us with. Hmmmm....wonder if they're hiring? ;)


  4. I get upset just seeing myself in the mirror. I never made that google post mistake...i think...i hope...damn!

  5. Seeing myself on film would spoil the mood...probably for the rest of my natural life.

  6. It's bad enough I have to see my husbands silly sex faces, I don't need to see my own.

  7. If a video of me having sex ended up on You Tube, I'd feel worse for the viewers than I would for myself. Hehe!

  8. This just might be the start of a really bad thing...

  9. Oh my God, I can't think of a bigger boner-killer than having to see myself while doin' it!

  10. Now wait, have I got this right? I can watch me while seeing you. Is that...oh my. Okay then, new levels of narcissistic indulgence for some folks


  11. Kind of... obsessed? The good thing about the new app is you can make sure you're not pulling weird faces. Basically is makes you a porn star that conscious of his/her every.... move.