Thursday, January 9, 2014

A roomba with a view...

I've never been what you'd call a dedicated housekeeper.

Considering what a strict cleaner my mother is (if you put a glass down for five seconds, she'll have it washed up and back in the cupboard before you look around for it again), I'm a bit of an anomaly.  I don't keep things as clean and tidy as I was taught to.  Occasionally the dishes overflow in the sink, the dust bunnies roam free beneath the beds and the windows remain besmirched by fingerprints.

So you can just imagine my cries of joy when one of my Christmas presents this year was a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Have you seen these things?  They're called Roombas, and they look like a cross between a smoke detector and R2D2.  They whiz around randomly, turning whenever they reach an obstacle and sucking up everything in their path.

In theory you could keep them running indefinitely (with short recharging breaks) and your floors would never be dirty again!

And I have to say, I love the little bugger.  I just switch him on, set him loose, then sit back like the lazy, lazy creature that I am and watch as he zooms about picking up dust, cat hair, and abandoned breakfast cereal.  I've named him Roger and so far we're getting along famously.

But as wonderful as this little gadget is, do you know what would be even more of a hit?  A Bathroomba!  If they could come up with some little gizmo that ran around your bathroom removing soap scum, whitening grout and unclogging drains ... I think I'd pay just about any price for one of those.  Seriously ... any price.

I know there are heaps of products out there that advertise a hassle free bathroom cleaning experience, but I've yet to come across one that actually provided what they advertised.  Scrubbing free my ass!

Yep, a Bathroomba would definitely be a hit, and how far away could it really be if we already have a fully automatic, self regulated, infra-red guided vacuum cleaner at our disposal?

Does anyone out there feel like inventing it?  I'd totally be willing to be your first customer!


  1. How is it for going from solid surface to carpet? I've been drooling over these for a while now ... just afraid it might be a trip hazard for old farts like us.

  2. We're on our second roomba now and we love it! Wore the first one out. Have you seen those crazy videos on YouTube where cats ride around on their people's roombas? My fave is the one where the cat swats the dog on his way by.

  3. My daughter uses a roomba and loves it. But I, too, am an anomaly. I LOVE to clean. So a roomba would take away my fun. Too bad, I don't live near you because I would love to clean just for the enjoyment of it.

  4. I have a lady who comes by every 2 weeks and cleans behind me. Up until now I've called her Geneva, but now that you mention it, Bathroomba does have a nice ring to it. Think she chold get used to it?


  5. I would love one of these. I'm not a big cleaner either. I have yet to find a perfect bathroom cleaner. The best solution that I've found is a mixture of blue Dawn dishsoap and vinegar. Since it isn't a harsh chemical, I tend to spray and do a little scrubbing while I'm in the shower and have conditioner in my hair. It gives the conditioner time to soak in, and I make a little bit of progress cleaning my shower.

  6. It would be great to have a bathroomba, or at the very least, Rosey the robot maid from the Jetsons, minus the sass.

  7. I've seen these Roombas advertised but I doubted that they worked very well. You're making me reconsider.

  8. Those Roombas are great until they become self-aware. Ours kept going on about how it had to find and kill John Connor so we had to put it down.

  9. A Bathroomba should sell like crazy!!

  10. Mrs. C has a bathroomba...sadly it's me!

  11. Somebody got you a Roomba for Christmas??? WOW someone really loves ya!
    PS: They are great, daughter loves hers (dog, cats, hairy man etc)

  12. Yes! Yes! Yes! You got one!!! Aren't they great!?? Mind you, after seeing mine a colleague warned me how 'someone' he knew had one and it must have picked up a bit of semi dried cat poo and it delicately buffed the floors with it!!! Just warning everyone! Keep it's little whirring brushes free of stuff, too. It'll make it work better. I don't trust mine to stop either, it's so-called sensors saw it leave the house one day, jump a ledge and end up in a garden bed. Mr Fascinata is quite protective of it and got upset. Sorry for never posting a comment, I love your diabolical musings but am always at a loss after reading! Happy 2014! Xx

  13. I think you should patent that baby. I'm sold already.

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  15. I've been dying to get one of these. Don't need convincing anymore.

  16. I love the idea of a Roomba. The reality would be my dog cornered some where in the house afraid to come out in case the Roomba got him. And I think I would have to pick things up off the floor more often or it would join the washer and dryer in their conspiracy to eat one of every pair of socks I own.

  17. I love Roomba. I keep waiting for the price to come down so I can buy one. We used to sell them where I work so I kinda stole one for my work area and it was awesome!

  18. Let this be my comment: "Household Robots," December 2008...


  19. I think I'll stick to the traditional hoovers, so I can control where it's going. Those little robots whizzing around all the nooks and crannies could be collecting good data and pictures for the government. Well, just a wild thought ha ha ha. I don't trust any gadget that does it's own thing.

  20. I want one of those cordless Dysons, but a Roomba would be fab too!


  21. My sister has a Roomba and she absolutely loves it! I haven't bought one yet, but if someone would be willing to give me one for my birthday...!! LOL If you find anyone to invent the Bathroomba, let me know. I would probably be the 2nd customer, right behind you! Maybe in front of you!!

  22. We got my MIL a roomba for Christmas last year. Best thing we ever bought for her.

    As for the bathroom, I do believe there are scrubbing bubbles. Too bad they are only a cartoon. I want something just like those automatic scrub brushes, except I want ones that don't talk.

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