Monday, January 20, 2014

And here I thought the only thing I had to fear from eggs was cholesterol...

I guess we all know that young Master Bieber has had a few problems lately.  What with his spitting on fans and peeing in mop buckets and graffiting hotel walls, he seems to be trying for the title of "Douche of the Year".

And to add to this ridiculously long list of stupid antics, now he's been accused of egging his neighbours house [link].

Okay, so that sounds like a pretty juvenile thing to do, but hardly something that they'd arrest him over, right?  At least, it wouldn't normally be, except for the fact that if he did do the egging, he caused OVER $20,000 WORTH OF DAMAGE!!!

Holy crap, just how many eggs are we talking here?  Or were they all hard boiled and he smashed all their windows with them, because that's the only way I can even imagine that eggs could cause that sort of damage.  But that seems to be what has happened, and if they manage to prove he did it then that's a felony, and as he's only in the country on a working visa, he could get turfed right back to Canada.

Understandably, Canada are less than impressed by the idea.

So it looks like Justin Bieber could be deported back to Canada if they manage to prove that he egged his neighbours house.  Jeez Canada, did you forget to say "No Backsies" when you sent him down to the US?  That's a rookie mistake I'm guessing you guys won't be making again, hmm?

As an Aussie, I can sympathise with Canada on this one.  We're notorious for claiming people when they make us look good, but dropping them like a hot potato when they start to give us a bad name.  We happily claimed Russell Crowe while he was making good movies, but as soon as he stared to act like a bit of an asshole we all suddenly remembered that he was actually born in New Zealand.  And when Mel Gibson went through his infamous "Sugar Tits" anti-semitic phase, we were all "Mel Gibson who?".

But in all seriousness, it's incredibly unlikely they're going to deport the guy.  No matter what you think of his behavior, he's still a rather rich fellow.  No country is going to willingly throw out a rich guy with all his oh so appealing tax paying potential unless he does something a hell of a lot worse than egging someone's house.

Maybe if they manage to pin the cocaine possession charge on him [link] it might happen ... but even then I'd doubt it.


  1. Maybe he should just be put on time-out.

  2. The Beebs needs to slow down on the 'performing?' bit and take some time to catch up on just being a kid. I think that's his main problem. Go home, take your spanking like a man, play some street hockey and grow up a little.

  3. His "tax paying potential"? I would imagine his financial keepers have him paying less US taxes than a typical janitor. Now, if they could make "doing stupid stuff" taxable, then....$$$$$$$. ;)

  4. What could you possibly do with eggs that would cause that much damage!?! I could understand if he was throwing rotted cottage cheese or a pack or Ke$ha's with yeast infections, but eggs? Can the US and Canada agree to just deport him to obscurity?

  5. I think he's a little geek who's cultivating a bad boy image to up his appeal. Isn't this also what Miley Cyrus is doing?

  6. Bieber's a knob!

    His mother clearly raised him wrong, Scooter clearly has no reign on him and he's clearly hanging out with the wrong people. Let him get arrested and thrown in jail to teach the little bastard a lesson.

  7. My guess is the eggs damaged paint or siding and that's where the expense comes in. If I'm right, why can't they force the little weasel to do the repairs/painting himself? No help. Spoiled little shit needs his butt kicked.

  8. I wouldn't blame his mom, he's a typical 20 something EXCEPT he has more access to ready cash than the average dumbass at that age. I giggled when I saw him trying to buff up. Maybe he's trying to go the Marky Mark route and get sexy (ROFLMAO) before he starts acting and formalizes his name. Or he could just be a dumbass.

  9. i guess if you have only expensive you can make easily a $20k damage with just eggs....

  10. Oh, please send that idiot someplace. I don't want our friends in Canada to be forced to take him. Just think of some horrible spot and hope for him to be there.


  11. $20,000? What were they, Fabrege Eggs?

  12. When I first heard the figure of 20K...I, too was wondering, how can one do that kind of damage with eggs. I thought it laughable that they said the authorities had a search warrant for his house. I can just see the little worm claiming the eggs in the fridge weren't his. In the same story, they said that tests were being done to determine if eggs found in his house were the same brand. REALLY??? Are they doing DNA tests on the eggs or what?

    That little twerp is going to get himself in serious trouble at some point. I guess jail feels pretty much the same whether it's Canada or the U.S.