Monday, December 30, 2013

So it turns out my ankles are my best feature, who knew...

I got the strangest compliment the other day.

I was at work early and I let an elderly gentleman into the building for a breakfast meeting he was there for. He was eighty if he was a day, and he shuffled in and signed himself into the guest book while I stood there and pretended to be polite and welcoming.

Then he turned around and looked at me and, I kid you not, this was what he said.

"Well, look at the nice white ankles on you!"

I have to say, it was a first. I've NEVER had my ankles complimented before. It kind of made me feel like a girl in a LM Montgomory novel.

It did get me thinking though.  Why, exactly, does someone complimenting my ankles or my eyes or my hair just make me go "Aww, shucks", while comments on my breasts will have me raising eyebrows and feeling uncomfortable?

How much of it is my discomfort with my own body image and how much is genuine outrage at the objectification of my goodies?  I'm sure this is the sort of topic that one could write a thesis on, but I think I'll just bow out of the argument.  I don't fall far enough on either end of the femininst spectrum to really be able to do it justice.

But from now on, whenever anyone compliments my boobs I think I'm just going to reply with "Thanks, I grew them myself".

It's true, after all.


  1. Comment on your ankles. Must be summer in Oz if your ankles to be showing.

    The old fellah was just trying to be nice, I guess. Take it as a compliment, and move on.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  2. Imagine how uncomfortable it would have been had the old gentleman complimented your 'nice white boobs'.

  3. What would you have done if he had said, "Nice ass"?

  4. I once told a girlfriend that she looked fantastic, "except for your left elbow."

    It was a joke - a way of blunting a compliment I was uncomfortable with - and yet it turned out she felt insulted and even wore different clothes around me after that to cover her elbow (both of them, I suppose).

    I'll bet you have great ankles, though. Old dudes just know that sort of thing.

  5. Ankles, huh? Well, we all have our fetishes. Oh, gross, the old man is going to masturbate thinking about your ankles! He might as well have complimented your boobs. Dudes are gross.

  6. I'm forever being complimented on my blue eyes. The downside is that it's always from men. I wish I could get that kind of action from women. Still, a compliment is a compliment.

  7. Probably well trained by his wife to keep his eyes down and not look at anything above the hemline.

  8. I've never seen them, but I always supposed you had attractive ankles.

  9. A few years ago a guy was starring at my boobs and my friend tells him "those are home grown", I was so embarrassed!
    I like what Delores had to say. lol
    Happy New Year!!!

  10. I just knew you had beautiful ankles. I have horrible ankles. Absolutely horrible. Fortunately, Willy Dunne Wooters doesn't seem to care. He did mention the beauty of your ankles once when we were in bed. He'll never do that again, the old coot.


  11. He was a dirty old man is what he was! He probably thought about those white ankles all night long! Happy New Year!

  12. WOW the old guy must be "into" ankles. Maybe you gave him a thrill. Sadly, I don't think my ankles are one of my best features. NOT ONE person has ever mentioned how attractive my ankles are..or my boobs for that matter.

  13. This makes me want to go around complimenting people with the most random things. You have such pretty knuckles. How do you get that ear hair so silky smooth? Oh, the possibilities...

  14. This is just funny and we have to all get comfy with receiving compliments. I think it depends on how the boob compliment is given if I take offense but when they are gawking and not looking me in the eyes at all I hate them.

  15. Maybe he said "angles." He could have been a retired mathematician.

  16. Hmmm- not sure if my commented got deleted because I got an error message. So I will try again!

    It is funny how compliments on different body parts and from different people can bring about different responses from us. I am sure there are lots of reasons why- but it is interesting to think about. I have to say that your future response for compliments on your boobs had me laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy New Year!

  17. He probably remembers the day when an "ankle sighting" was quite the racy occurrence! hubba hubba!

  18. So...... he has an ankle fetish then.......

  19. The gentleman just wanted to wash your feet.
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