Friday, December 20, 2013

You don't know horror until you've served on the front lines of a pub trivia team...

From the beer garden of the local pub.
Bob:  Alright guys, the next question is "Who were the two leads in the film About Last Night?".  Focus!  We need this one to win!  We're THIS close to the fifty dollar bar tab!
Sue:  Don't worry, we're totally going to get it. I can feel it in my waters. 
Joe:  Sue, that's disgusting! And not at all logical. 
Sue:  Dude, my waters know what they're doing. Here, I'll show you. 
*Wrestles the answer sheet out of Bob's unwilling hands* 
Sue:  Okay, start naming some leading actors from the eighties? 
Bob:  Molly Ringwald? 
Sue:  No, there was a naked sex scene in that film. Molly Ringwald would never do a naked sex scene. 
Me:  Andrew McCartney? 
Sue:  Same thing. He's too clean cut. 
Joe:  How about Rob Lowe? He's as filthy as they come. 
Sue:  Good! My waters like him. 
Group:  EW!!!!! 
Sue:  Anyway, moving right along, we still need a female lead. 
Me:  Holly Hunter? 
Sue:  Too classy to do something like that. 
Bob:  I'm assuming Meg Ryan is off the table. 
Sue:  (stares disbelievingly) ...
Bob:  Yeah, that's what I thought. 
Me:  Oh! I've got it! Demi Moore! She'd totally do a naked sex scene! 
Sue:  Yes, my waters approve. I think we've got our answer, ladies and gentlemen.  
*One scoring round, several beers, and a great deal of celebrating later* 
Bob:  I can't believe we got that right just by rationalising and outright guessing! 
Me:  I'm just amazed that we're all taking Sue's renal functions a prophetic.
Sue:  See!!! Don't scoff at the waters, they know everything!

And that, boys and girls, is the tale of how my pub trivia team bullshitted our way to a glorious victory over our arch nemesises, The Quizzley Bears.

We'd like to thank our families, our friends, and of course Sue's bladder, without which we would never have been awarded this honour.


  1. I knew Rob Lowe but didn't remember Demi. I never saw that movie. If you ever want to text me with a trivia question, go right ahead. My brain is filled with useless information.


  2. While my brain is also filled with useless information, like old B-movies and song lyrics from the 40's, I never even heard of that movie. But the answers sure make sense.

  3. The $50 bar tab you won should go a long way to topping up Sue's magic waters!

  4. And the only ones who aged beautifully are the ones who dared to go bare!!!!

  5. What was the pun name of your team? Hopefully something about still waters running deep.

  6. While it worked out well this time I wouldn't trust any financial investments to Sue's um...waters.

  7. Careful. If you guys keep winning Sue's waters may get banned from competition like cell phones.

  8. Wow, I would have guessed Jim Belushi.

  9. You mean the Bears lost? Where's the justice in that? Bears are WINNERS!

    And, um, who is Rob Lowe? How low can he go? Politics? Olympics?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  10. Next pub quiz..I'll bring the waters, or wait they are always there right? damn we are just too stupid then.

  11. Sue would be a handy person to have around. I am like Janie Junebug...I remembered Rob Lowe but didn't remember Demi. She must have been fairly forgettable in that movie.