Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night when Harry crept into Draco's dorm room...

There's one question I get asked a lot that never fails to make me gulp in a visually comical way.

"So, Kellie, what are you reading at the moment?"

I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about.  When people find out you like to write, it's just a short jump to assuming (quite correctly) that you like to read too.  And if you like to read, then you must have some amazing recommendations of stuff that will blow their minds.  Perhaps some hidden gem that will turn out to be the next Harry Potter series.

Oh boy, I could definitely recommend things that would blow their minds ... I'm just not sure if I should.

Okay, I'll just come out and say it ... I read fan fiction.

I know, I know, I'm not supposed to like that stuff.  Or at least I'm not supposed to admit to liking that stuff.  But you know what?  I'm done with the hiding!  I'm coming out of the literary closet!

I'm a fan fiction reader, and proud of it!

And really, before you go scoffing at my lack of literary depth you really should try it first.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is knowing that somewhere out in the world there's a small army of people, and they're all writing hundreds of thousands of words a day about shows and characters that I already love.  I never run out of things to read, I get to see what my favourite characters would do in situations the TV networks would never allow them to be in, and I don't have to pay a cent for it!

So instead of hiding my literary leanings, I've decided I'm just going to be honest from now on.  When someone asks me what I'm reading now, I'm just going to tell them.  Maybe I'll even give them an URL or two.

But I don't think I'll warn them about the tendency fan fiction authors have to pile on the homoerotica and make all their characters gay.  I'll just leave that as a surprise.

Kellie's Fan Fiction Recommendations (just some of my favourites)

Sandstorms [link] by Mithreon (Stargate Atlantis) - Lot and lots of angst here.  I cried so much reading it! 
Make A Wish [link] by Rorschach's Blot (Harry Potter) - This was written before the series was finished, but it's hilarious and well worth the read.   
My Father's Keeper [link] by Emerald1 (NCIS) - Another angsy offering, this time with poor Tim McGee getting the rough end of the stick. 
Syrup and Honey [link] by LauGS (Glee) - a really well done "what if" story where Kurt owns a bakery. 
Ianto Jones' Diary [link] by Torchwoodfour (Torchwood) - This one was great!  A bit of a "missing scenes" one, in the form of a Bridget Jonesesque diary written by good old Ianto.  
Feel free to leave recommendations of your own in the comments!  I'm always looking for new stuff to read!


  1. Good for you! That's fantastic. OK, I'll have to admit it...I had to google "fan fiction". I'm still not sure I get it, but as long as you do, I'm happy for you. :)


  2. We followed your advice on our Jared from Subway fan fiction and instead of having Flo from Progressive Insurance be his love interest it's going to be that "Can you hear me now?" dude from the Verizon commercials.

  3. This is the first I'm hearing of Fan fiction. Interesting.

  4. Now I know what fan fiction is. You've taught me something. I don't think it's for me, but you go, girl. Enjoy!


  5. I, like the rest of the commenters, wasn't familiar with Fan fiction. Live and learn.

  6. Back in the day, I was a fan of classic "slash fan fiction" featuring Kirk/Spock and Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson. Oh, the naughty antics those boys got up to!

  7. To each his own I say. Enjoy whatever you're reading.

  8. The only reason why I haven't written any fan fiction as of late is due to copyright issues. Publishing corporations can be real sticklers about "protecting" their work. If copyright wasn't a huge issue, then I'd self-publish a Mario or Pac-Man novel.

  9. But...But none of these are Slash Fiction? Where am I going to get my Captain Kirk dry humping Bones while Spock crysturbates in the corner, fix?

  10. Well, for about the last 30 years I have read about 98% nonfiction, and I wish everyone did (it would make our country a better, more educated place). But primarily I came here just to say:

    Kellie, I hope you will submit a vote on my blog's most recent 'Battle Of The Bands' installment BEFORE my own vote gets posted on 11/7/2013, when all subsequent votes will become as valuable as dog poop.

    ~ Stephen

  11. I guess there are a lot out who loves fanfiction equally as you do..even I like know get to read something off the mainstream...BTW I am going through the given links..let's see what is this blow-your-mind stuff really is! :)

  12. This is so funny! I've never heard of fanfiction until I read the book "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. In fact, I just finished it. If you LOVE fanfiction, you will LOVE this book!

  13. I could never really get into fan fiction. However, I have read some pretty good shit that was supposed to be fan fiction, but then changed shit up to publish it. Honestly, once you change the names and the places you can't even recognize the characters. I don't think I could ever....
    Wait! Roman and Peter! I shall return much, much later....

  14. Good for you girl! Read what makes you happy. I like to read porn. So what?!?



  15. I like fan fiction, because it's a great way for writers to hone their craft while simultaneously showing some love for their favorite characters.

    With that said, I'm not into the crap that's like, "In this fan fiction, Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley run away together on page 1 and spend the other 257 pages having extremely graphic sex."

  16. LOVE fanfic! I've been reading it for 15 years! Buffy fic, Harry fic, Glee fic, and most recently, Big Bang Theory fic...I'm a Penny/Sheldon shipper. ;-)