Monday, February 10, 2014

I think Germany might be trying to give Putin a conniption fit...

I made the decision to boycott the Winter Olympics this year.

Not that it's any great hardship for me.  I'm not exactly known for being a sports fan.  People at work are always talking about football or cricket or soccer, but I can honestly say that most of the time I have no idea what they're going on about.  Hell, when people ask me what my favourite sporting competition is, I always ask if Celebrity Poker counts.

But if I was going to watch something, the Winter Olympics would probably be it.  After all, they've got ice skating.  And bobsledding.  And the one where the guy on the skis goes really fast down the hill and then jumps at the end.

And who doesn't love the one where they jump at the end?

But this year I decided against it.  I've got far to many friends in the LGBTQ community to feel right about it given how Russia's been acting lately, so I scratched it off my TV watching schedule and decided to indulge in a couple of weeks of "How Clean Is Your House", "Escape To The Country" and "Auction Hunters".

In other words, my usual viewing schedule.

But a part of me wishes I was watching it, if only to see just what Germany is going to do next to thumb their noses at Russia's anti-gay stance.

First they chose a lovely rainbow motif for their opening ceremony uniforms [link].  I know that the official stance is that they're the colours of the Olympic rings or something like that, but I don't think any of us are actually buying it.  Lets get real here, you don't pick a uniform that makes your team look like they just got back from Mardi Gras without knowing what sort of message it's going to give.

And then yesterday the couples figure skating team opted to do their routine to Glee's version of "Le Jazz Hot", a song from Victor/Victoria that was sung by a woman dressing as a man so she could pretend to be a cross-dresser.  And they opted to use the version sung by a gay man who plays a gay man in what some people would argue is the most gay friendly television show ever [link]!

I have to say, Germany, that's some pretty impressive underhanded shade you're throwing there.  You get the award for being the most passive-aggressive little buggers at the Winter Olympics.

Bless, you make me proud of my German heritage.


  1. I loved their routine..and yes...I wonder what's next.

  2. Great post, LOL! Historically, of course, German aggressiveness didn't have much passivity about it so this is a good development, at least in that department.

  3. I don't watch because I like sports and would like to get away from politics for a little bit.

  4. Well, I admit that we are watching...just want to update you that i think Germany is beating our Russia in the luge, so there's that.

  5. Yeah, I like seeing Russia get a sharp stick in the eye, too. (I guess my feelings are more "aggressive-aggressive" than "passive-aggressive". :)

  6. Who would have thought Germany would be the country championing human rights? But I guess they've always had a hard-on for Russia (pun absolutely intended).

  7. If Germany can give us the band Rammstein, they can give us a colorful performance at the Olympics. Hehe!

  8. Good for Germany. I don't know if I'm boycotting the Olympics, but I haven't watched yet; and I don't know if I will. Maybe I'll tune in for a little ice skating or speed skating. I watched a lot when the last two Olympics were on (summer in London and winter in Vancouver), but this location turns me off. Putin has the face of a killer. His eyes are dead.


  9. HA! I have strong German heritage as well.... 50% German blood in this old gal, and I would sooooo wear rainbow colors if attending the Olympics. Serves Russia right since they are totally living in another century.

  10. I am boycotting the Olympics this year too... although for more reasons than that. I saw and heard all about how they were culling the stray dogs... just killing them on sight, poisoning them, any and all dogs running around in the Olympic Village just because they wanted a better image for visitors. I was disgusted, truly hurt for those dogs. The reason those dogs were strays was precisely because Russia plowed over that land, just for the Olympics. People had to move to a different place, to the city where apartments were "better" but not "pet friendly" so what were the people supposed to do with their dogs? The very land the Olympic Village is built on used to be these dogs homes with real families. I just don't get it. And then, yes, there is the LGBTQ issue. AND they were not prepared. Our athletes and other athletes worldwide deserve respect for working so hard to get to the top, where they are. Their accomodations were not ready? They had four years to build all this? What the frack? I'll like to support our athletes. But I am only going to do it vicariously through other people who have things to say, ONLY about scores and such. I don't want to hear about SOCHI. The town. The place. The country. Leave that out, please.

  11. I'm happy my dad is from Germany. Well, today. We'll ignore the other history.

    I love those costumes and wish they had a side-by-side view of Putin's face.

  12. My German ancestors probably wouldn't be too happy about this, but I am. Ich Bin Ein Deutschmann today!

  13. Very nice phrasing:
    "...some pretty impressive underhanded shade you're throwing there."

    Must show appreciation


  14. I can't say I have boycotted watching entirely although, I absolutely agree with your boycott in theory. I love that the Germans and any other country that takes the initiative to give them a figurative finger. Frankly, I have watched so little of the WO this go round, that I missed the couples figure skating routine.

  15. What annoys me, is that someone somewhere took what is still considered to be a rainbow, caused by light bouncing off of water or oil or something and decided to use it to promote the gay community and now people and countries get their shits on because of a freakin' rainbow.


    As for Russia, they can fuck themselves. As for Germany, I preferred their pink and blue outfits from London. I'm German decent and I couldn't give a fat rats what they do.

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