Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eggsterminate, eggsterminate...

As my birthday gets closer and closer, I keep finding things that I want ... nay, need!  Here's the latest thing I found while wandering around the interwebs.

Eggsterminate!  Eggsterminate!  You will be digested!

Yeah, I've been known to say things like that.  I'm THAT sort of a geek.  But come on, how can you look at this and NOT want one!  The chance to destroy a dalek every morning at the breakfast table?  How could you resist!

I do love Doctor Who memorabilia.  I had a friend once who had had dalek wall hangings, like those old sixties style flying duck formations, but with flying daleks instead!  Oh how I coveted her flying daleks!  But a dalek egg cup would be pretty cool too.

You can get your very own Eggsterminator Egg Cup from

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